Laundry Appliances

Laundry Appliances

Laundry Appliances

Washer or dryer on the fritz? Fear not. Many washer and dryer issues are easily repaired. Rather than spend a large sum on a costly appliance replacement, call us for a cost-effective repair.

Dryers require quite a bit of work. Any number of frustrating issues may arise, such as spun belts, build up of lint and dust, and loose or broken bearings. If your dryer is having problems, it may be tempting to give up and order a new machine. However, most dryer repairs are quick and far more cost-effective than purchasing a replacement appliance. We can save your dryer and give it new life, saving you time and money.

Washer seals and leaks are another repair with great value compared to the cost of purchasing a new machine. Most issues, aside from oxidized metals or scratched coatings, are very cost-effective. We have saved hundreds of customers from expensive replacements by offering simple in-and-out repairs.

If you notice any weird noises, strange vibrations, or off-putting smells coming from your laundry appliances give us a call right away.






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